Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heading Out in Pursuit of Summer

Barb H. and I bought this cute, little kit to make summertime mug mats and that's about all the summer I've seen.  True, my yard looks pretty impressive, but the tomatoes are never going to ripen if they don't get some sun on them.
Bob and I have our housesitter/dogsitter arranged so tomorrow we are heading out for an adventure.  We're driving as far as New York City, hoping to have adventures in Milwaukee, Chicago, Indiana's Amish Country (yay, Yoder's Store quilt suppies!),four state fairs (Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia) and then we'll return home via Ontario so we can visit our daughter who is working in theater out there this summer.

You can follow our adventures at

In my last blog entry, I mentioned the possibility of a dyeing day ... it seems like September is booked up though.  I hadn't realized that The Quilt Patch is coming to do a book signing at the library on the 7th.  I'm in PEI the next two weekends and many of you are retreating (hey, I just made up a new verb!!) on the weekend of the 20th -22nd.  Probably September 28th is leaving it a little late to have summertime weather so we run out of dates.  Maybe next year.

Really, really, even though we are leaving in search of summer, I hope Weyburn weather turns nice for all the time we are gone.  See you in September.

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