Saturday, May 12, 2012

Regina Quilt Show: May 11, 2012

Yesterday I had a medical appointment in Regina so, after it was over, I headed over to the Prairie Piecemakers show.  I'll show you some photos and, if you want to see others, head over to Christa's blog (one of the Torquay quilters) at  She attended the trunk show and has some details about that.

Here's one of my favorites from the show:

And here's another.  You can see a better photo of this one on Christa's blog.

I love the amazing pieces I saw including PPed ones such as this:

And this art one (which wasn't a winner) was one of my favorites:

Look at the trunk:
And the stitching:

This was my favorite large quilt:

And how is this for an I-Spy?  Each square was about 1-1/2 to 2"

And now for my complaint about the show.  The frames the quilts were on (like the black-clothed ones we used) were set up as a maze and no matter where you went you felt you weren't seeing all the quilts.  You would go a little way in a zig-zag fashion and suddenly would be among vendors rather than looking at quilts.  You would try another part of the maze and you were almost immediately at the vendors.  Now I'm very sure the vendors loved this and it isn't as if I didn't plan to spend money at the booths, but I wanted to see all the quilts.  As I said, I kept wondering if I was missing portions of the maze and, indeed, I must have because I see some quilts on Christa's blog which I didn't see there.  I did see three very pretty quilts that were in the back about three feet from a back wall and I felt very bad for the creators of these.  As well, to create the maze, lots of corners had to be created so lots of quilts, even winning quilts, were displayed around corners like this one:

I much preferred our method.  What did the rest of you who were there think?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and this cute piece from the show may remind you of your mother.  Which one of the three is your mom???

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 1st, 2012: Guild Windup for the Year

What a great evening of fun, friendship, food, and quilt talk!  43 members attended which has to be a record.  Lots of positive comments were floating around about the quilt show and I believe lots of ideas went to Colleen S. for next year's programming. 

Most of us knew that "some woman from North Dakota" won the raffle quilt.  We all had a good laugh when we found out that lots of us knew that, but hardly any knew that the "woman" is Kathy Williams' daughter.  That quilt found a home where it will be appreciated and loved.  Josie Church, a coffee pal of Marion's, won the table topper and we hear she is really happy with it.

With all this blasted rain coming down, I wish we were a 12 month quilt guild as, so far, I haven't needed the extra time for yardwork and gardening.  Good grief!  My tulips aren't even blooming yet.

President Gloria presented birthday girl Vi with some flowers on our behalf.  There was some question of Vi's age, so I'm going to say she is 75 ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Not only that, I'm saying her hands just turned 60 as they continue to do such exquisite hand quilting.  Vi, we're so happy you are one of us and we wish you many more blessed birthdays.

Gloria gave her farewell speech as president and got a little teary-eyed.  Could it be that we questionable quilters actually gave her some good memories of her two years as our president?  She certainly gave us good memories and good leadership and I agree whole-heartedly with her comment that we aren't "just a bunch of women" but, rather, a cohesive,
fun-loving, good-spirited group of creative women.

Donna and Gloria got in their president-to-be and president-past hug.

Gloria was shocked to learn that some members had show-and-tell.  What?  People worked on pieces in the short time since the show??  It seems so.  If you are surprised by that, just go to my previous comment about rain.  We certainly aren't gardening.

I showed this great purse that I bought at the show's sale table.  Lydia made it and then I added stackable buttons which I bought from vendor Liz of Tiger Lily Quilts.

Lydia showed a purse she made from The Quilt Patch's new line of fabrics.  Lydia, do you want to sell me this one too?  I love it!

Jaynie won a doorprize supplied by a vendor and she's already made up the kit.

The fabrics glimmer.

Eva rejoined us after her southern winter and had this quilt top to show:

Vi showed a stunning quilt top:

Here  is a detail of the embroidery:

Marion also had a quilt top, a t-shirt quilt, which had an interesting story to go with the central block.

Helen made this bag from fabrics she bought from one of the vendors.

Yvonne made this bag out of that ever-popular New York Beauty pattern.

We won't meet again until September, but I will post here from time to time if I find good quilt shops and/or quilt shows on my summer travels.  That may start with the Regina Show which is next Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reflections on Our Quilt Show

Ladies, the post right below this one has photos from our show ... no comments, just photos.  I tried to get photos of every single piece there, but do forgive me if I failed in that endeavor.  Elma, I do regret that I didn't get a photo of you with your featured quilter display.  I also took photos of all the labels so if you see one & need to talk to the person who made it (to borrow the pattern!) but aren't sure who to call, just ask me and I can tell you who to call.

So what did our show have?  As far as I'm concerned, it had it all!  ... featured quilters, a guest quilter, a block patterned named after Weyburn, vendors, raffle quilt, food, sale table, raffle baskets, a quilt that is almost 200 years old ... oh, and did I mention about 135 show entries!

One of the advantages of having the show is that it gives us all an opportunity to work together.  Each did her share, but I have to give a special acknowledgement to Bonnie who really made sure everything fell into place. 

Neal Keefe of the Ag Society was around to make sure we had everything we needed.  Thank you, Neal!

Did the show inspire you to go home and quilt?  The show and the rainy weather have kept me in my sewing room, diligently trying to finish my strip twist and also playing with the fabrics I bought from the vendors.  Hopefully they were happy with their sales; I know I did my part, even borrowing from Bob when my money ran out!

And did you eat any of Rebecca's food?  Her pumpkin/maple cake was amazing.

I hear someone from North Dakota won the raffle quilt but I didn't hear who won the table topper.  We'll have to get that in the paper as people have been asking.

I sent Wayne Kollinger a Smilebox of his show as a thank you for all he taught us. Here is a copy of it:
Tonight is our last meeting of the season.  I'm sure we'll hear some stats on attendance, profits, etc. and take any suggestions for our 2014 show.  See you at the meeting!