Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Lots (of chatting) Done! - November 19, 2012

Hopefully everyone remembers that we have use of the public library's programming room on Mondays from 9:30 until 3:30.  It's  a great place to get some of your piecing and quilting done removed from the isolation of your own sewing room.  It's a bonus when you can chat and quilt at the same time and, in the next month, it's a great place to get some of your Christmas projects done.  Join us there.
Elma was even willing to help with the charity quilts ... one armed and not her predominant arm either!  She's diligently doing her physio and exercises so that she can two-handed quilt soon.  You've got to see the totally hand-pieced quilt she'll finish once she up to it.  Get well quickly, Elma.
Here she, Dorothy, and Bonnie are laying out a charity piece we are doing for the Weyburn hospital.
And here Leona and Marg are working on another quilt for the hospital.  Only the binding needs completion.
Jill is back from England so she got busy too.  And Bonnie has the most beautiful purple batiks which she is using for her mystery quilt.  I'm not in this challenge, but can't wait to see everyone's results.
We took time away from quilting to present one of the two $500 charity cheques that we are giving from our quilt show profits.  Here a presentation is being made to the Wor-Kin Shop; our other one goes to the Ag Society.
That's all for now as I must go write "50 Shades of Color."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guild Meeting - November 6, 2012

Lots of ladies were out for a fun, entertaining, informative night.  Highlights were Arlyce Thompson's presentation on using panels,  ***SHOPPING*** right at the meeting when Arlyce of Quilters' Haven brought lots of goodies for us to purchase, and lots and lots of show-and-tell.  People have been busy creating.  The December meeting should have lots of show-and-tell too because we'll all be finishing those Christmas projects, won't we?

Arlyce's "Vanna" did her proud!
Can you believe this jacket was made from a panel? 
 Here we are being happy shoppers.  Arlyce also had door prizes and I'm embarrassed that I won one because I have not received flowers in a very long time.  Bob has been duly warned that he will be taking abuse from each and every one of you when you see him.  Truly, I am embarrassed so I am willing to reuse the beautiful panel as a door prize at our next meeting.  Besides, Michele has since given me flowers!  You are a great friend, Michele.
While some were shopping, there was time for coffee and time to sign up for some classes.
Here Jaynie, Jan, and Colleen S. are showing what they designed in Anna Hergert's class.  I had mine there too but missed taking a photo of it. 
The beginners' class had a lot of talent as can be seen in these next photos:
A couple of our members took an alphabet class with Wayne Hollinger.  There's a chance he will be teaching that class here in the fall.  Can't wait!
And then it was on to wonderful, marvelous, inspiring, creative show-and-tell.  Here's one Judy made:
Marg made pillowcases using the sausage method.  We all have time to make some of those for Christmas gifts!
Jaynie's "creature" is so cool!
And here is a quilt Jan made in the most lovely forest floor colors:
It's so easy to picture a baby or toddler cuddled up in this quilt.
You may have seen this one before.  It's our contribution to the Family Place's Festival of Trees.  It's been hand-quilted by Vi and I dare you to try outbid me!  Speaking of hand-quilting and thinking about the guild's recent charity work making quilts for the hospital, I have to tell you that I was in the hospital overnight (nothing serious, just a hernia repair, so DON'T send flowers) ... and I got to sleep under a lovely hand-quilted quilt.  It had obviously been washed many times and was as soft as silk.  Lovely!
Here's another cosy baby quilt:
A lucky boy is going to get this rag quilt.  I love all the sport motifs.
Helen went out of her comfort zone to make a quilt with pinks in it.  The batiks and technique are great.
Here's a growth chart with fun applique:
I believe Marlene said she used left-over blocks to make this quilt.  Leftovers! 
I wanted to draw on Vera's blackboard placemats.  She even put a little pouch on each to store the chalk.
Here Vera shows a technique she learned in Anna Hergert's previous class.
Esther did a great job of blending colors in this quilt.
Here's more of Vi's hand quilting:
And even more from her.  Where does she find the time?
Elaine, I missed getting a good photo of your embroidered quilt and there's a brownish hue to this so I apologize.  The piece is really beautiful and it sounds like you and your grandchildren had a memory-making time together.
I love how you added dimension to the wall hanging.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday, December 4th at 6 p.m.  This will be our Christmas party with a catered meal (it will help the treasurer if you bring the correct amount of money - $13) and a gift exchange of anything homemade for those wishing to participate.  The gift exchange is based on the left/right game and as a tribute to our theme this year, the story is entitled "50 Shades of Color."  Whether you go into the exchange or not, come out to see how your name is used in the story and for great food, memorable show-and-tell, zany games, and camaraderie.
I hope your partners were "enjoying" winter as much as Bob was
as I was inside quilting!