Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Lots (of chatting) Done! - November 19, 2012

Hopefully everyone remembers that we have use of the public library's programming room on Mondays from 9:30 until 3:30.  It's  a great place to get some of your piecing and quilting done removed from the isolation of your own sewing room.  It's a bonus when you can chat and quilt at the same time and, in the next month, it's a great place to get some of your Christmas projects done.  Join us there.
Elma was even willing to help with the charity quilts ... one armed and not her predominant arm either!  She's diligently doing her physio and exercises so that she can two-handed quilt soon.  You've got to see the totally hand-pieced quilt she'll finish once she up to it.  Get well quickly, Elma.
Here she, Dorothy, and Bonnie are laying out a charity piece we are doing for the Weyburn hospital.
And here Leona and Marg are working on another quilt for the hospital.  Only the binding needs completion.
Jill is back from England so she got busy too.  And Bonnie has the most beautiful purple batiks which she is using for her mystery quilt.  I'm not in this challenge, but can't wait to see everyone's results.
We took time away from quilting to present one of the two $500 charity cheques that we are giving from our quilt show profits.  Here a presentation is being made to the Wor-Kin Shop; our other one goes to the Ag Society.
That's all for now as I must go write "50 Shades of Color."

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