Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strip Twist Class on January 21st

Those reading this may not want to know this, but about 17 of us from the Crocus Quilt Guild did more stripping than twisting today! Eventually we will end up with gorgeous, scrappy quilts like the one shown above, but for now we have parts completed.

Our able instructors ... Jill...

... and Colleen ...

... explained the process and showed samples and then we grabbed the fabrics, revved the machines, and got right to it.

It wasn't long before blocks were emerging.

Yes, we could have got a little more done if we hadn't stopped to visit and laugh and confer, but who wants to miss those social aspects of a class together??

From time to time we did listen intently to instructions.

Lynne is creating a strip twist with just two fabrics and she spent time considering her layout options.

Here you see Eileen making sure she has a precise 8.5".

Some of us who wanted truly scrappy quilts, heaped our 2.5" strips together on a table and then we all dug in.

Lydia chose to use up some of stash.

Charlene got some of her blocks together and although you can't see the rest of us in this photo, we were "oohing" and "aahing" when she held this portion up.

Thanks for a terrific day, ladies. Shall we lay wagers on how many of these get done for our April quilt show?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd Guild Meeting

We don't appreciate our hard-working executive enough. Treasurer Colleen Roy couldn't make it to the meeting, but here is a photo of secretary Kathy Williams and president Gloria Scaddan. Thanks for all you do.

Before I show you the show-and-tell, let me tell you about some exciting events that are upcoming for the guild. Jill and Colleen S. are hosting a scrappy Strip Twist class in the Junior High home ec room on January 21st starting at 9 a.m. You can contact them to sign up and to get the details.

Jaynie told about a class she will be running on Saturday, February 11 at 9 a.m. in the Junior High home ec room. It will be a class where attendees learn and practise various thread techniques. You can contact Jaynie to sign up and to get more details.

Jaynie showed samples where she had used various techniques on postcards and artist trading cards. The inexpert photographer set up the shot and has one of the cards upside down. Can you spot which one it is?

The third exciting announcement was that the second Crocus Quilt Guild Retreat ("Dam Good Stitchin' 2012") has been booked for September 14th to 16th. There's a handout with lots of information which you can get from Colleen S. or Bonnie or you can pick up the sheet at the next guild meeting which is February 7th. Cost will be around $100.

And now let's move on to show-and-tell!

Michele made a vibrant quilt out of charm packs and some coordinating fabrics from her stash. Beautiful!

Debbie, one of our new members, showed an exquisite quilt using vintage doilies, embroidery, and other needlework. I wish I could show you every block in detail so you could pick your favorite block. That's what I was trying to do as the quilt was displayed.

Not only did the quilt feature this neat idea, but it was carefully hand quilted. Debbie, thanks for sharing.

Colleen S. showed the following quilt and explained how she had machine quilted it in three pieces with the entire backing attached, but the front added as she went. It sounds like a great idea. The idea came from a book that Jan had lent her.

Jaynie has done a challenge piece for the Quilt Canada show which will be held in Halifax in early June. Lucky Jaynie going to attend the event.

Marlene showed us two creations which didn't get finished for Christmas 2011. How lucky is she ... she has a jumpstart on Christmas 2012!

Vera showed a piece she created which has beautiful echo quilting.

Adeline created a table topper which we could easily picture in pride of place as she told us it would be on a table which is partnered with chairs that have lime coverings. I should have taken a closeup of her binding stitch. She used decorative stitches and variegated thread which completely the topper professionally.

Donna, another new member (Welcome, Donna!) made this sweet, cosy quilt. She was given the advice to use 1/2 inch seams when using minky. I didn't know that ... I think a lot of us welcomed that advice and will adjust how we sew with minky from now on. If you are like me, you totally love stripes and polka dots together.

Kathy showed a quilt that originated in a class by Chi Chi which a number of guild members had taken some time ago. It's beautiful with the floral chain.

When Kathy makes a quilt, we expect to find flawless hand quilting. Did she disappoint us? No, she did not! Well done, Kathy.

Our quilt show on April 21 and 22 will come quickly. I hope all of this meeting's show-and-tell will reappear there and that all of us are sewing, sewing, sewing so that this, our fourth show, will surpass the shows we're had before. Happy quilting, everyone!