Monday, February 25, 2013

The Who's Who (literally) of Monday Quilting

It's time for a little contest, ladies.  Bring your answers to Tuesday's meeting and a drawing will be made from the entries which are correct.  Sorry, those of you who were at the library this Monday can't participate in this contest.  Don't forget to put your name on your entry.

Now, first of all, Marion was at the library cutting her squares for Jill's March 9th class but I didn't get a picture of her as she left to take a friend to a medical appointment.  Therefore, don't guess her.

The rest are also guild members.  Make intelligent guesses by checking out rings, wrinkles  :o), projects, or guess after doing investigative work.

There's a good prize ... not an expensive prize, but a good prize.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Las Vegas, Baby!

Now why would I add an entry to our guild blog about Vegas when I didn't visit a single quilt store while I was there?  Read on; you'll see.

First of all, this clothing store in the Cosmopolitan had the most amazing windows:
Those are all vintage sewing machines.  They had more windows than this and they were all filled with sewing machines too.  My favorite, although obviously I didn't have time to look at them all, was this one:
We were at the Venetian to see a show and, as we looked around, I realized the various floors were quilt patterns.  Here's Attic Window:
And here's Tumbling Blocks:
We could all recreate these floor tiles in fabric; they are
string blocks, aren't they?
We could paper piece the design in the Cosmopolitan's ceiling:
We could even create this floor at the Bellagio in fabric although the border would be beyond my abilities!
Here's another floor at the Bellagio.  We would have to applique this one, wouldn't we?
And I'm always totally entranced by the glass work on the ceiling of the Bellagio's lobby.  It would be a great art quilt, Jaynie:
You might be wondering what the heck I shopped for if I didn't get to any quilt shops.  The answer is SHOES!  One store:  four pairs of shoes and one pair of boots.  I'm not much of a shopper so that was enough Vegas shopping for me.
We had a great trip and at one of the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Lola's) sat next to a real estate agent who was too willing to tell us how smart people are buying in Vegas right now.  We'll have to consider it if Bob can busk enough money on the strip like this guy does:
This afternoon should be a great time to quilt; it's too snowy to do much outside unless you own a mutt who thinks the snow is the BEST.  Finn didn't want us to go inside.
Finally I decided that I'm the boss and Finn isn't and so we came inside.  I was asked to fix a lap quilt in which the batting had all wadded in one end because whoever made it didn't quilt or tie it.  When I opened it up, look what I found.  Is that not a strange stitch to use to put fabrics together?  Can anyone tell me why anyone would do that?
Remember tomorrow's a holiday so there's no quilting at the library.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 4, 2013: Guild Meeting & IKEA Repurposed

First things first. How many of you have bought the 75 cent IKEA bag and then realized it' so big that it's only useful to carry a zillion rolls of toilet paper found on sale, or, maybe for Shelley, to lug around Stanley who is her very large Labradoodle. Bonnie and Jill whom I freely admit are much smarter than me, have been carrying quilts in them. I'm not above following trends so I packed up my queen-sized quilt, my overly large wall hanging, my table runner from Jill's class along with various other sundries and headed off to our guild meeting. Everything fit with room to spare.
Really good news was received at the meeting when we found out that Gloria and Marg will co-chair the 2014 quilt show. Let the planning begin! Lots of show-and-tell tonight which is definitely my favorite part of guild evenings. The show-and-tell started with teacher Jill and some of her students showing off their finished table runners from Saturday's class. Barb S went a step beyond and is turning hers into a bag. Good thinking, Barb!
Renee hadn't been able to stay for the whole class on Saturday so Jill caught her up at the meeting.
Colleen showed the progress of the blocks for the quilt for QE School. Leona has taken the central panel home to start quilting it.
Marg showed two pieces - a table runner done from the pattern Lydia had and a cheery March wall hanging. I think Marg knows a secret quilt shop and she's holding out on us because no one selects prettier fabrics than Marg.
I showed a "slightly" larger wall hanging called "All About Me." It's from an Atkinson Designs pattern and I used 58 different fabrics which depict my interests and, perhaps, my personality. Remember, friends, never mention the price of my "cheap" button to Bob. What happens at quilt guild stays at quilt guild!
I also showed my strip-twist which I started in Jill's class a year ago. It's queen size and I quilted it on my Janome 6600.
Audrey brought a number or items and she moved so quickly that some photos I got were no more than a blur. Here are photos of a growth chart she's working on, a microwave potato bag, a purse with wonderful lime green lining, and most spectacularly, a queen-sized oriental quilt which she quilted on her own machine. Audrey warned of the dangers of the potato bag as one started on fire possibly because it was closed too tightly. Her advice: don't leave the room when baking potatoes in it.
Donna L. showed three quilts, two of them made from orphan blocks which Lydia donated to Donna and her students. From the excellent results we can see that none of them are afraid of using minkie.
Donna has also caught the pillowcase bug and had some beauties to show.
Yvonne is completely finished the quilt she worked on at retreat. It's a beauty.
Sharynne showed a painting she did. It's fun to see other types of work besides our quilting but I did give her a kit to make two potholders just in case that infectious bug called quilting has bit her!
The next fantastic quilt is Ethel's. I thought it must have been paper-pieced for accuracy but Ethel said it was pieced in the ordinary way.
Vi always has me in awe of her hand quilting, but now I am also in awe of her applique skills. What a great quilt. Look at the details. Look at the beads, the buttons!
Barb S. showed some projects and I missed getting a clear photo of one of them. My apologies. Here are the others:
Jaynie's big bugs might give us nightmares while at the same time artistically inspiring us.
She showed one of her earlier pieces using cording and then a recent one. Those taking her class will learn this technique.
Shelley wondered why she waited to go last. Best for last perhaps, Shelley?
We ended the evening with video which gave ideas for time-crunch quilts.