Sunday, February 17, 2013

Las Vegas, Baby!

Now why would I add an entry to our guild blog about Vegas when I didn't visit a single quilt store while I was there?  Read on; you'll see.

First of all, this clothing store in the Cosmopolitan had the most amazing windows:
Those are all vintage sewing machines.  They had more windows than this and they were all filled with sewing machines too.  My favorite, although obviously I didn't have time to look at them all, was this one:
We were at the Venetian to see a show and, as we looked around, I realized the various floors were quilt patterns.  Here's Attic Window:
And here's Tumbling Blocks:
We could all recreate these floor tiles in fabric; they are
string blocks, aren't they?
We could paper piece the design in the Cosmopolitan's ceiling:
We could even create this floor at the Bellagio in fabric although the border would be beyond my abilities!
Here's another floor at the Bellagio.  We would have to applique this one, wouldn't we?
And I'm always totally entranced by the glass work on the ceiling of the Bellagio's lobby.  It would be a great art quilt, Jaynie:
You might be wondering what the heck I shopped for if I didn't get to any quilt shops.  The answer is SHOES!  One store:  four pairs of shoes and one pair of boots.  I'm not much of a shopper so that was enough Vegas shopping for me.
We had a great trip and at one of the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Lola's) sat next to a real estate agent who was too willing to tell us how smart people are buying in Vegas right now.  We'll have to consider it if Bob can busk enough money on the strip like this guy does:
This afternoon should be a great time to quilt; it's too snowy to do much outside unless you own a mutt who thinks the snow is the BEST.  Finn didn't want us to go inside.
Finally I decided that I'm the boss and Finn isn't and so we came inside.  I was asked to fix a lap quilt in which the batting had all wadded in one end because whoever made it didn't quilt or tie it.  When I opened it up, look what I found.  Is that not a strange stitch to use to put fabrics together?  Can anyone tell me why anyone would do that?
Remember tomorrow's a holiday so there's no quilting at the library.


  1. Isn't Vegas amazing? I always get such great inspiration when I go and am in awe of what man can create. It's all the world on one long street!! Great pics!! I definitely got to go to cosmopolitan

    1. We love Vegas and can't believe all the changes in the 4 years since we were there last. I got the book to Chris so you should have it at this week's meeting.

  2. So much fun Brenda. I'd fuse instead of applique, much faster. If you squint and look at the string blocks they are very 3D. What a colourful post, both visually and otherwise!

  3. I've got to make a string quilt some day but for now will use up scraps during Jill's class. I won't be at ATCs tonight, not because of the cold, but because I haven't made any since last month. I have some ideas but they haven't translated into reality yet.