Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Party Shenanigans

Probably no one will read this post because almost all of us were at the party.  Isn't it better to experience than to read? 
The party had...
visiting ...


show and tell ...

and fun and games.

Thanks to the organizers and thanks to all who attended.

Work on Raffle Quilt

Some of our gang got very busy on a Monday at the library and made tremendous progress on the quilt we'll raffle at our show in May.  Have a look.

Our charity quilt for the Festival of Trees had pride of place; you saw it immediately when you came into Barber Motors.  However, it brought in only $300 so our charity committee is deciding what we should do instead next year. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lots of This and Lots of That

Ladies, my dear, dear Acer needed a new hard drive so I haven't had a chance to show you lots of photos from lots of events.
Here goes:

This photo is of our donation to the Weyburn and District Communithon.  Unfortunately, it raised only $110, not because it wasn't incredibly beautiful, but because the ticket sales and quilt were not in a high traffic area and no one was really promoting the sales.
Here's what our library was looking like.
Now we have a new library cart and so our library looks like this.  I've inventoried all of our books so now we know what we have.  The next step is to organize and divide them into easily searched areas of the cart.
I popped in on one of the two charity quilt days and timed it to join a coffee break.
It wasn't long before everyone ditched the Tim Horton's and moved on to the job at hand.
Eva was tempted to "borrow" some of the batiks to make a scarf as they perfectly matched her sweater.

Jill brought her mom and other relatives to see what was going on.  Dorothy
explained about our charity quilt for the Festival of Trees.
Tuesday was guild night and there was lots of action at the sign-up-for-classes-and-buy-your-half-square-triangle-paper table.
These four back-row ladies were ready for the show-and-tell.
Barb S. gave an informative power point about modern quilting.

Colleen S. showed a binder of sample threads from Superior Threads.
Jaynie showed one of her pieces which uses some of the techniques we'll learn in the class she's teaching.  I've signed up; have you?

Adeline showed her work from the beginners' class.
So did Eileen. 
Leona couldn't wait to create lots of half square triangles.

Marg's been busy.


Joanne completed her stocking from Lydia's class which was held "just a little while ago."

Jaynie belongs to a Thread Arts group and she attended a retreat with that group on Gabriola Island.  She bought this piece created by Carol Seeby

and this one by Judy Weiss she received through a traded.
Barb S. made this baby quilt. 
The silky heart on the back is a perfect finishing touch.  Plus she used the "no hand sewing" binding which many of us are us are using now but put the flange on the back, not the front.  Brilliant!

Dorothy showed how far along we are on our charity quilt for The Family Place's Festival of Trees.
Barb S. sent photos of the beginners' class Jan and her many helpers held.

Finally, there should be a photo of our donation of 16 quilts to the Weyburn Hospital.  I took photos
but  may have lost them as my hard drive was dying.  Don't despair; you can see a photo in the Review.
Now it's time for you to get back to quilting!