Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jaynie's Class and More

On Saturday Jaynie led a class on creating realistic and imaginary leaves with paints, sheers, crayons, thread, and paper.

It looks like the ladies had glasses of creative juice in front of them!  And it worked as what they did looks amazing.  Take a peek.

The rest of this blog entry is about my new year's resolution and it's also my open fan letter to Jill.

My new year's resolution is to work my way through me stash so if you catch me in a fabric shop, come over and slap my hands.

I took Jill's strip-twist class a year or two ago and have decided the pattern from that is the perfect one to use up all my odds and ends that don't fit into any of my other plans.  Thanks, Jill, for the super-easy, hardly-any-pinning, can't-go-wrong pattern.  By the looks of my fabrics that aren't yet stripped and twisted, by the time I'm finished, I should have a wall to wall quilt rug for my basement!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charity Quilting Jan 3 First Meeting Back Jan 6

 Dorothy ironing Donna and Leann at the sewing machines

 Vera visiting

 Heather lining up pieces
 Donna and Leanne sewing and Ronna cutting with Ester

 Heather pinning two pieces for the charity quilt
 Bonnie pinning on name tag with Gloria and Donna
 Jill, Leann and Colleen
 Marg, Jayne and Dorothy, Yvonne
 Visiting before the meeting
 Some more visiting
 Donna Klien was talking about different color combinations
 Trying to find different one then you had in color
 Donna was helping
 Jayne was showing her quilt for the show and tell
 Ronna showing her quilt

 Ronna showing the back of her quilt
 Ester showing her quilt
 Dorothy was showing how to square a quilt
Bonnie was showing the charity quilt