Sunday, July 20, 2014

North Dakota State Fair Quilts

Bob and I stopped at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot and there was an impressive array of quilts.  Here's a little "sightseeing" for you.

I couldn't spot whether this quilt was an entry or not and think probably not as it was the only one crumpled up to highlight other entries.  It's a cute quilt though as each butterfly is made from a handkerchief.
The quilts were displayed well with the hung ones not too high and the ones on the tables below covered with plastic so no one could touch.  It interfered with picture taking, but kept the pieces safe.

The next quilt won Best of Show and deservedly so.  Everything about it was totally wonderful.




This next one didn't appeal to me a lot but I do love the thematic quilting on it.


I love Margaret Rolfe paper-pieced animals so this next one caught my eye.

My sister gave me this same panel and I've been wondering what to do with it
 so this gave me an idea.
I couldn't get a good picture of the quilt which has this block as I got too much glare from the plastic, but I've seen the pattern for these quilt barns a number of times and have the quilt
on my "someday" list.
A "one block wonder" is also on my someday list.

This last one is from the 4-H exhibits in another hall.  I'm a bit skeptical that a 15 year old created it but I'm not sure how much help 4-H-ers are allowed on their projects.  I've got more about the 4-H exhibits on my personal blog at as I am in awe of all that I saw in that exhibit area.
I hope you're all getting lots of sewing done while I've been picking weeds and saskatoons, shelling peas, thinning carrots and beets, and just generally trying to keep up with my yard.