Friday, August 23, 2013

Unexpected Quilt Sighting

I'm still blogging our trip at but I wanted to give a little more detail about this quilt which hangs in the Avon Theater in Stratford, ON
60 people from the wardrobe departments of the Stratford theaters worked on the quilt.  Some of those participating chose the title of a play and then interpreted it using any techniques and fabrics.  39 blocks (including the four corner flower blocks) were created.  There are 140 swans in the border of the quilt.
Here are close-ups of some of the blocks:

Friday, August 16, 2013

West Virginia State Fair Quilts

I was really disappointed in the quilts at this fair.  Other times we have been here, there have been lots of quilts with many of them being outstanding.  This year the numbers were down and the quality didn't come close to what I saw at the other fairs.
 For me the following quilt was the stand out at the fair but it won red which here is second place.  Blue ribbons are first place.  The black background is a velveteen and it was hand quilted.  This quilt which is entitled "Queen Anne's Ball" had amazing details and was so creative.

It came in second to this piece which had the applique machine zip-zagged on and some of the writing done with Sharpie or pigma pen.  I'm sure the judges have a criteria to follow but I'm sure some of the judging is subjective.

Here are some of the other quilts.



This is everything quilty you will see from me on this trip, but our adventures will continue at

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quilts at the Kentucky State Fair

Ladies, even though I'm not going to make many comments, I want you to run over to 7-11 to get yourself the biggest cup of coffee possible because I've got lots to show you.
This fair displayed something like 500 quilts and they were displayed so well.  The "best of fair" winners were in beautifully designed cases and the rest of the quilts were at eye level with no glass in front of them.  I didn't see a single person put dirty fingers on any of the quilts so I'm not sure why so many fairs, including ours, worry about that so much.
The local quilt guild had a good contingent of ladies out doing hand sewing while chatting with anyone and everyone who came by.  There youngest member is 12 years old and she was there lapping up the encouragement from everyone who stopped to chat with her.
One of the trends I spotted was the large number of quilts which had extensive machine embroidery on them ... and I do mean extensive.  The embroidery was the quilt in most cases.  I'll show you some of those plus close-ups of some of the details.
With each of these shows I look at, I think of you, dear quilting friends.  I definitely thought of Elma, Helen, Vera, Jaynie, Dorothy, and others of you as I looked at some of these creations.  As you look at my photos, see if you can find the quilts that made me think of these people.




Christa Marcotte, your grandson and my grandson each need a quilt like this.
Each part opens to reveal something cute ... an upgrade of I-Spy quilts.

This next quilt was my favorite.  All the overalls are corduroy and below each is embroidered a cute saying that came out of the child the quilt was made for. 


 Loved this next category.  It was for tops that were stitched but not yet made into quilts ... yes, a category for UFOs.
 The prizes were substantial ... sewing machines and seriously big gift certificates.