Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jill's Quilt-as-You-Go Class - February 2, 2013

So I was picturing the Torquay quilters at their retreat; I was seeing slinky jammies, potent drinks, a little thread, some bits of fabric, some marvelous show-and-tell and I got a brainwave: next year, ladies, livestream your retreat for us! An Arizona retreat which will be meeting next weekend livestreams their show-and-tell. Super idea. Well, we Crocus Quilters were going to have a little fun of our own. The weather was sketchy as can be seen looking out a Queen Elizabeth window:
But inside instructor Jill was full of energy and ready to teach!
Jill's strudents had trepidation; what if she was an unreasonable taskmaster?
But, no worries! Jill is an excellent instructor and we had lots of fun. Check out our smiling faces:
Colleen brought along the panel and accompanying fabrics to be used for a raffle quilt for Queen Elizabeth school. The quilt-as-you-go spiderweb-ish blocks will surround the panel.
Those who had time started making blocks. Who is this ravishing, hidden beauty?
It's Leona!
Thanks, Jill, for the inspirational, educational day. Ladies, don't miss Tuesday's meeting as I am sure a lot of Saturday's table runners will be "shown-and-told." And if you regret that you missed the fun of this class, don't despair. There are four more classes being offered in the next few months. At Tuesday's meeting you can check which still have room. See you there!


  1. Thanks for sharing! We did all of the above! It was another great time. This time we booked for 4 days! We will definitely have to look into the streaming video!

  2. Looking good up in Weyburn! The Block Party girls had a great time at always goes way too fast!

  3. After saying that about the video streaming, the AZ group isn't doing it this year; I think maybe the lady who does it can't attend this year.