Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Thought I'd Be a Lonely Girl

Who heads to the library to quilt when it's -35C? Only insane people, you say? I went because I had to get to the post office anyway. I took my fabrics for Jill's scrappy class and started cutting the squares.
This fabric from my sister is hideously ugly but will probably blend in to the quilt. Fingers crossed!
Before long I had friends to work with as Yvonne and Leona both braved the cold. Yvonne was making her binding for this beautiful, beautiful quilt which she put together at this year's retreat. Terry enhanced Yvonne's piecing with her great quilting. I totally love the border Yvonne put on it ... it' so contemporary.
Leona and I had a coffee break which proved that not all Canadians are Timmie fans.
After Jill showed the Carpenter's Wheel at the last meeting, Leona checked the internet for more ideas.
Leona dipped into her personal store to make these tops. Yes, she has enough fabric from her days at the Fabric Centre to call her stash a store.
On Saturday I took a plum colored fabric from Jill's bin and I paired it with a cute kitten fabric I had to create this charity quilt for the hospital. It's 50" by 70", Dorothy, in case you are wondering. I eyeballed all the quilting through the 10" blocks and didn't get too squiggly even once!

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