Saturday, May 12, 2012

Regina Quilt Show: May 11, 2012

Yesterday I had a medical appointment in Regina so, after it was over, I headed over to the Prairie Piecemakers show.  I'll show you some photos and, if you want to see others, head over to Christa's blog (one of the Torquay quilters) at  She attended the trunk show and has some details about that.

Here's one of my favorites from the show:

And here's another.  You can see a better photo of this one on Christa's blog.

I love the amazing pieces I saw including PPed ones such as this:

And this art one (which wasn't a winner) was one of my favorites:

Look at the trunk:
And the stitching:

This was my favorite large quilt:

And how is this for an I-Spy?  Each square was about 1-1/2 to 2"

And now for my complaint about the show.  The frames the quilts were on (like the black-clothed ones we used) were set up as a maze and no matter where you went you felt you weren't seeing all the quilts.  You would go a little way in a zig-zag fashion and suddenly would be among vendors rather than looking at quilts.  You would try another part of the maze and you were almost immediately at the vendors.  Now I'm very sure the vendors loved this and it isn't as if I didn't plan to spend money at the booths, but I wanted to see all the quilts.  As I said, I kept wondering if I was missing portions of the maze and, indeed, I must have because I see some quilts on Christa's blog which I didn't see there.  I did see three very pretty quilts that were in the back about three feet from a back wall and I felt very bad for the creators of these.  As well, to create the maze, lots of corners had to be created so lots of quilts, even winning quilts, were displayed around corners like this one:

I much preferred our method.  What did the rest of you who were there think?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and this cute piece from the show may remind you of your mother.  Which one of the three is your mom???


  1. I have to agree with your findings on the layout! We thought we were in a corn maze!! And I did not see the one of the three little ladies so we missed a section also! Too bad as there was some great works there!!

  2. Yes, even though I had that criticism, there were really great works ... very inspiring ... except that with the nice weather my head is now in gardening, not quilting.