Friday, September 6, 2013

What I Saw in "Canadian Quilter"

We had a great first meeting of the quilting season with lots of good ideas like NAMETAGS.  Yes, we are now so large we need nametags or else we have to deal with the embarrassment of not remembering everyone's name.
There's good show-and-tell for you, but first I want to show you what I found in "Canadian Quilter." After the show-and-tell I have a shocking confession!
I have an addiction for "Canadian Quilter" but made a New Year's resolution about not buying books or magazines this year, so I quickly snapped up the two newest editions at Tuesday's meeting.
One of them shows that Jaynie had a piece sold at the national show and te second shows she won second place in one of the "Canadian Quilter" challenges.  I can't wait for the next issue to see where and how she's mentioned.  The one issue also had a photo of one of our friend Martha Cole's works; I hadn't heard anything about her for awhile.

At Tuesday's meeting, members had the opportunity to sign up for some classes... their very reasonable yearly due of $25...
...and get up-to-the-date information about the September 20-22 retreat.
President Donna started us off with some laughs and then introduced the executive who just happened to be the same as last year.  I'm so happy they all signed up to do their jobs for the next decade! 

Barb S. had a great mixer which had us laughing and visiting.

The first show-and-tell is the quilt we will donate to the Communithon.  I was at a Communithon meeting on Wednesday and they plan to use our quilt as a raffle rather than as a silent auction item.  They hope to raise $1000 with it.  The quilt's so lovely (thanks, Lydia!) that I'm sure they'll reach that goal.
 Rose made this quilt from last season's mystery quilt pattern.
 Remember the pattern from Lyn from Australia?  Vera has put it to good use and I know others have too although we haven't seen theirs yet.
 Here's another quilt from the mystery quilt pattern.  Vera's border adds pop.
Here's what Leona showed us.
Jaynie always does interesting thread painting and this has both that and some paint-painting too.
 Sharynne showed her mom's blue jean quilt and we all "oohed" when she showed that the backside is pieced too.

 I showed this piece that my friend Marielle from Holland made for me.
Eileen created this cute quilt.
Eva worked on the embroidery part of this while she was traveling.

Vi got busy and made this in two colors.

As usual, her hand quilting is exquisite.  Can you see here that her quilting imitates the scalloping on the dresses?
Best for last!  Renee has become my new quilting guru with this appliqued quilt.  I can't begin to guess how many times she changed thread so the colors were right.

Look, Lyn, here's the Aussie boy.
And my favorite - the Ukrainian girl who has stream rising from her plate of perogies!
Tuesday was a great kick-off to what's going to be an amazing quilting year.
Want to stitch and visit at the same time?  We have the public library programming room again this year starting this Monday.  The time is 9:30 until 3:00.
And, now, my shocking confession:  Bob and I are going on another trip!  We'll be in Prince Edward Island from the 14th until the 22nd and I'll be blogging it over at 

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  1. I forgot all about my second place prize for the CQA challenge. That was so long ago. I rec'd 5 coordinated fat quarters at the beginning of summer. The actual piece has been donated to Studio Art Quilt Associates for their annual fund raising auction. If you are lucky enough to be going to Houston for the big quilt show you can place your bid on it.