Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scant Sightings of Quilts in PEI

I've been at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in PEI with 12 Weyburn students and 3 other advisors.  The conference literally kept us busy from 7:15 in the morning until 10 at night so I had very little time to look at quilts or quilt shops.
Shelley Hoium told me the largest quilt shop is in O'Leary and I did get to drive past it, but that was all. 
I blogged my activities of the trip at www.brendaswitwalking.blogspot.ca and that blog shows what a wonderful time we had.
Here is the little bit about quilting I can tell you.
One of our tours was to Fanningbank House which is the official residence of PEI's Lieutenant-Governor.  You could only take photos in the entry and in one other room.  That other room had these three quilts in it along with other artifacts and I thought it was neat that the three quilts showed three styles of quilting:  patchwork, whole cloth, and applique.

Will and Kate stayed here on their visit and we toured the room they were given.  Poor Will and Kate!  They didn't get to sleep under a quilt, just under an ordinary bedspread.  Thank goodness I'm not royalty and I get to sleep under a cozy quilt.
During the pre-conference we went to a corn maze which had a little store and café.  In the very narrow hallway leading to the washrooms, there was this wall hanging.  I committed the quilters' sin and turned it over with my bare hands to look for a label.  I was having a difficult time deciding if this wool wall hanging was handmade or commercially made. There wasn't any label and I do think it was hand done.

How pitiful is it that those are the only quilts I saw?  I didn't even read a quilt magazine on the plane.  Will this be just cause for ousting me from the guild?  I hope not.

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