Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guild's Going Again: September 4, 2012

 Oh, I love fall!  It's the new year for me rather than January 1st.  Activities get started again and, trust me, I've been yearning for motivation from your beautiful creations, ladies.  Above is a charity quilt that has been perfectly hand quilted by Vi.  Below are other cheerful charity quilts.
 And below is what $10 will get you!  This is a top that the guild will back and give to charity.  I could be wrong but I believe the top red one is for the Communithon and this one is for Family Place's Festival of Trees.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
 Vera always has good ideas and here's one of them.  She invented this summery handbag from a - can you guess? - from a placemat!
Lydia showed a number of projects including this cathedral window pillow...


 and this skirt for a mini tree...
 and table runners.  Lydia always does such a good job of selecting perfect color combinations.
 These also show her expertise.
 Renee brought her forever-projecct which I couldn't wait to see.  She's been knitting lace to make this Irish linen tablecloth.  I warned her not to serve borscht when it's one the table!

 Jaynie always inspires.
 Here Jill is measuring Jaynie's piece.  We are accumulating inches to help Canadian Quilter stitch from one side of Canada to the other.
 Lydia didn't actually show this one for show-and-tell but had it out later.  I believe it's for a Triple C fundraiser.
 It's been exquisitely quilted by Terry.
Here's this year's executive:  Elaine is treasurer, Donna W. is president, and Marg is secretary.  They are in for a busy year!
 Colleen S. gathered the retreaters for some instructions.  For the second year in a row the dates don't work for me.  I'm so disappointed.  I wonder if those Torquay ladies have room in their retreat for me?
 So what's this next photo about?  Did the rest of you who attended the meeting dash down to Dollarama to buy bins to organize your UFOs?  I'm determined to get my projects organized so that I can get going on Colleen's challenge.  I'm not usually one to have UFOs but some definitely piled up in the last year.
Now if I stumble across some unfinished postcards or ATCs and get them finished, I wonder if I can negotiate a tenth of a point or something!  Truthfully I always do get those small projects finished.  I've got two sets of postcards finished for an online swap which has the theme "old technology."  I stretched the theme a bit on the newspaper hat but I couldn't resist using the cool fabric I found at Periwinkle.
Let's compost the rest of the garden stuff and get quilting!

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  1. Great work as always!! Good to see the amazing pieces. I will definitely add you to the waiting list, Brenda!!!