Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thoughts Turning to Quilt Guild

Ladies, have you missed me?  I've missed you and can't wait for our new year of quilt guild to start.  I always think I'll sew in the summer but instead I pick weeds, visit with friends, have relatives stay, travel, and garden, garden, garden,
I have had time to find four new books for the guild library.  Hopefully you will sign them out.  My thoughts are to use most of the library budget this year to find a more user-friendly way of storing the books so that you can access them more easily.  I also want to track which books are being borrowed most to try figure out if we need more books on specific topics.
Here are the four I bought:
 The next one looks great for those of you who have embroidery machines and for those of you who love creating art quilts.
 The following is a goldmine of stitches and designs for crazy quilts.
 The last book definitely gives new ideas for those beautiful, bold prints that you are afraid to cut into.

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