Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Very Merry Quilt Guild Christmas Party

Our guild Christmas party started with a delicious catered meal. No party happens without careful planning and for that we can thank our chair Gloria, and Bonnie whom I saw working right alongside her.

Shelley and Verla, the entertainment committee, made sure there was fun and games. Thanks, ladies!

That sock game had Donna W. in stitches. (Now there's a good sewing pun!)

And then the show-and-tell began. Colleen S. delighted us with her hilarious story of buying a UFO package ... like she doesn't have enough of her own???? ... and then getting the last laugh by creating not one, not two, not three, but FOUR projects from it. Well done, Colleen.

I showed the two square inch quilt I made for baby Jesus who had been shivering in my Nativity for years. 21 pieces in 2 square inches! Yes, I am proud of that.

Jill finished the binding on this quilt just in time to show us. In January she and Colleen S. will be leading a class featuring this scrappy pattern.

Jill was clever to use leftover squares on the back of the quilt.

Marion showed three memory quilts made of tee shirts and photos. We know these quilts will give comfort and warmth to the bereaved recipients this Christmas.

Bonnie displayed this lovely underground railway quilt.

We got to see some of the handiwork that she has accomplished on the new machine that she, Jill, Lynne, and Colleen S. share.

Here's another project that Bonnie completed.

She also completed this table topper using a pattern from Lydia. They both say it's easier than it looks!

It may be easier than it looks, but Joyce showed her unfinished one and said it wouldn't be done for Christmas. Joyce looks a little perturbed by this, doesn't she?

Barb created this quilt and told us about what a quick turnaround time it had from Terry Whitman. We were all reminded that if we want Terry to longarm quilt any pieces for the quilt show, that we should book her soon.

Donna L. showed us this cozy quilt which will go to Germany to keep her son warm.

Marg created this beautiful, seasonal piece which has a stand rather than a hanger. What a great idea.

Joyce showed us this piece that she's working on. Jaynie showed us this art piece that she has been working on off and on for several months. A photo does not do it justice as it has many textures happening that can't be seen here.

She also showed us this piece which was a UFO of hers. She sent it into an exchange and someone else completed it. You might remember from a earlier meeting that we saw the one Jaynie had been sent.

Then it was time for the Left/Right. I have posted photos from it in another blog entry ... the blog entry directly following this one if you want to check it out.

And so ended a wonderful evening with wonderful quilting friends. Fun was had, inspiration was rampant, and memories were made. So to all of you I say as Christmas approaches, "God bless thy year! Thy coming in, thy going out. Thy rest, thy traveling about. The rough, the smooth, the bright, the drear. God bless thy Year!" (Old English blessing)

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