Thursday, December 29, 2011

Odds & Ends on December 29th

Did any of you find quilty gifts under your Christmas tree? My dear sister, who doesn't sew a stitch, gave me all these red/white/black fabrics. I love them all. I've been browsing magazines, books, and the internet to figure out what I want to do with them. Any suggestions?I forgot to mention a few things from our Christmas party and I missed showing you a few photos too. First of all, Kathy announced that Christa Millions of Weyburn (now Christa Kurtz of Estevan!) won the beautiful quilt which the Khedive Quilters created. I saw Christa before she got the quilt, but she was extremely pleased to be the winner. Congratulations, Christa!

While we were having fun at the Christmas party, Jan and Elaine were in Regina as they had tickets to Stuart McLean. Since they had made their stockings, they decided to exchange with each other. Here they are with their stockings.

I missed showing you a few photos from the guild Christmas party. I guess I wasn't waiting long enough for the photos to download. You'll forgive me for that if I show them to you now, won't you? First of all, there is this very pretty one of Leona playing the sock game.

Then I mentioned Barb H's quilt in the blog, but the photo was missing. Now you get to see her great quilt.

You also need to see the quilted UFO that Jaynie got back from her online exchange. Wow!

And, finally, here is a close-up of the little quilt I made for Jesus. He was cozy and warm for the rest of the holiday season.

Our next guild meeting is on January 3rd and I hope to see you there. Our program says I will do a demo with wool, but I know that's wrong as I haven't had a chance to do much work with wool. My good intentions in the summer didn't turn into a good lesson for January. You'll just have to turn up for the meeting to see who will do a demo and what it will be about.

And don't forget that quilting at the library resumes on Monday, January 9th. It's always interesting and fun so come on out.

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