Sunday, March 29, 2015

Torquay Tea a Triumph

The Block Party Quilters know how to throw a party and we thank them for the invitation.
It was good to hear the enthusiasm each had for their Houston adventure and the show-and-tell was fun.  As if that wasn't enough, the afternoon ended with a spectacular tea.

Part of the decor was handkerchief bunting!  Bunting, I love it.  You can guess what my mother's handkerchiefs are going to be sewn into this afternoon.
We could shop a little if we didn't have a resolution to not buy fabrics in 2015.
We could see some works in progress with both hand quilting...
and machine quilting.
We could admire this memory quilt which will no doubt cause spilled tears of both sorrow and happiness through the years.
And we could wait for the program to begin while admiring the tables Easter decorations plus the charity quilts which adorned the walls.  Renee, you and your friend look pretty!
Christa was the most able emcee.

The gang who went to Houston talked about what classes they took.
Apparently we aren't to try this next technique at home!

Here's our very own Crocus Quilt Guild member Charlene's quilt ...
with a label on the back.  Phone her to find out about the great product she bought to turn paper into viable quilt labels.  As a P.S. to this, Charlene may have a slight connection to the Block Party quilters too.  LOL

We saw the quilts donated to STARS.  Here's one.
And here are two more, both beautiful with slightly different colors.
  These are priceless donations to a very worthy cause.

Elma, your hair looked lovely as you can see from many of my photos.

I want Jill to teach us a class on this next scrappy quilt.

Here's my favorite of the day.
This is a two-fabric bargello.  Amazing!

There's intricate machine quilting on this one.

This quilt of Terry's won at the Minot show.  No need to ask why.
Here's some shaving cream dyeing.  Some of us attempted it with Gloria at one of our dye days.

This amazing piece was made with a copier that uses dyes rather than inks.

After show and tell it was time for tea.  We may have been in Torquay but the cake was Texas-size ... and scrumptious.

There were prizes too and three of our ladies came home winners.  Yes, Leona, you were, you are, and you always will be one of us.

Thanks, Block Party Quild for a great day filled with quilting, ideas, and friendship.


  1. You are welcome! Thanks for coming and sharing the afternoon with us.

  2. Thanks for the great post!! We couldn't have covered it better ourselves!! Glad you enjoyed"

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