Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2 Jelly Rolls, 2 Layer Cakes, and More

What a huge turnout we had for an amazing meeting.  I couldn't even fit everyone into this photo.  Therefore, most of you won't have to read this because you were there!  The rest of you better get a Big Gulp-size cup of coffee because there are dozens of photos here.
There was a give-away table.
There was lots of chatting before the meeting.  In fact, I was worried that President Marg would never get us under control

There was the library to check out.
And laughs to be shared.

There was a table load of challenge blocks.
And a quick talk by Saskatchewan's newest Canadian Quilt Association representative.
Vera explained that this year instead of exchanging gifts we will each make a placemat for Meals on Wheels.  Your placemat may be 12" by 18", 13" by 17" or 14" round.  It was suggested that you might want to make it reversible with one side Christmassy and one side seasonal or general.  Bring your completed placemat to the Christmas supper on December 2nd. 
More than once I've told people that it's hard to get a good photo of a person when she's talking.  If you don't believe it, look at the weird expression on the weird person's face on the left of the next photo.
The photo is of the wall hanging the guild donated to the Communithon.  You can read about it in the previous blog post.
Lydia started off the show and tell.

Miss Speedy showed them so quickly that I could only get her in motion in the next one.
Joanne had this charming quilt.
She also had this sweet one which was even more wonderful when you checked the back
to see the quilting.

Vera loves bags and loves horses so combined the two.

She took the embroidery class last weekend.
So did Bonnie.
Here's a close up of one of Lydia's projects.  Notice her use of rickrack.
Eileen has been busy with perfect fall projects.

We all admired the background on this piece where she added paint to the fabric.
Bonnie shared a bargain idea of using the innards of an inexpensive pillow.
She'll lend you her patterns if you ask.
Rose made this cute quilt and learned she can buy the book to go with it.
Barb made this magnificent, huge quilt and I quipped that I have rooms in my house smaller than this quilt.
She used leftover blocks on the back.  Both this quilt and Joanne's used the Susie's magic binding finish and it looked might fine on both.
Jaynie showed this piece which you had to see both from a distance and up close to appreciate everything about it.

And if you are thinking this blog entry must be ending soon, you are WRONG!  After all the show and tell, the program committee provided the best program to date.  I move that we keep them in their position as program committee for the next decade.  Is there a seconder?

Tonight's program was entitled "Culinary Delights" and was about pre-cut packages.
The program was presented by Gloria, Donna W., Bonnie ...
Vera, Shelley H., and Joanne.
There were charm packs and food!
Mini-charms (petit fours) and food!
Do you love Donna's expression here?  It's because she was foolish enough to cut mini-charms
 into smaller pieces!
See her little piece here?  She cut her 2.5" squares to make half square triangles.  She won't be making too many of these wine coasters.
Bonnie showed jelly rolls and food.
Vera had honey buns and food!
I had to include this photo of Vera.  Can't you hear her laughter as you look at the photo?
Shelley had layer cakes and food.  This block pattern is called "you got mail."  I love it!
Joanne had honeycombs and food.
Her food was honeycomb cereal and actual bees' honeycomb.
These women went to a lot of work and a lot of baking to present this program
 and the rest of us appreciate it very much.
We showed our appreciation by eating the food.

Here's the honeycomb.

Great people!  Great food!  Great time!


  1. And I nominate Brenda to be the blog person for the next decade or so too. The writing and the sometimes goofy expression you catch on show and tell people is all good for more smiles as I read the "minutes" of the meeting.

  2. Looks like it was a great time!! You are all so creative in your presentations!! Way to go Jaynie!!! So proud of you and much deserved position!!!