Sunday, May 11, 2014

Guild Show 2014: Part 3

We don't always do a People's Choice Award at our shows, but it really is a good idea and I'm glad we did it this year.  The Canadian Quilters' Association offers a rosette as a prize and our winner's picture will be published in the magazine.  This year's winner is .......drum roll, please .......
Elma!  Her quilt is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted.
Leeann took second place with her wonderful bargello quilt.
Congratulations, ladies!
Our feature guild quilters were
Lydia ...
...and Vi.

Their exhibits generated a lot of interest and I apologize for not showing more photos.
Terry Whitman of Torquay long arm quilts for many of our pieces so we were very happy when she and the other Torquay ladies came to the show.  Terry knows how many of the pieces she quilted and I know the number too, but I'm not telling because it's one of the trivia questions at the end of this entry.  Start guessing.
Here's Terry and some of her exquisite work.

Our feature quilter was Shirley Mathieson from Moose Jaw and her trunk show was entertaining and inspiring.  I have some of her more recent works on my phone and haven't downloaded them yet so you will have to be content with these.  Kudos to the committee for getting her for our evening event.

Lots and lots attended the trunk show and enjoyed great food prepared by some of our members.  I won't say how many "lots and lots" is because that's a trivia question too.
What else did the show need to be fully successful? 
... a raffle quilt
...raffle baskets
...vendors ... and people eager to buy from them.
The organizing committee deserves big congratulations for the success of the show.  As well, thanks goes to every guild member who was able to help in any way.  Take a bow, everyone.
Now see how well you can do on my trivia quiz. 
I'll give you the answers in a few days, but if you send me your answers first and you are the one with the most correct, I have a prize for you.
1.  Who entered the smallest item?  It was 8" by 8".
2.  Who entered the largest item?  It was 108" by 108".  Don't answer "Colleen" for her largest was a measly 105" by 108".
3.  How many pieces in the show did Terry quilt?  No phoning her to find out!
4.  Which guild member had her name mentioned the most often on the entry forms?
5.  How many attended the show?
6.  Who won our beautiful raffle quilt?  I'll have to find out the answer to this myself.  The sound system was excellent when used on or by the stage but completely garbled when used away from that area.
7.  Which guild members won raffle baskets?
8.  How many attended the trunk show?
Whew!  I've never put so much into the blog at once before and I'm tired.  I don't intend to give you such a marathon again for at least two years.
See you at the windup on Tuesday. 

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