Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who Made This?

Before we get to "who made what and why do I want to know", look at this poster
hanging in our public library:
How many of us are going?  I realize now that there aren't enough to fill a Stagecoach bus, but lots of us should go on Saturday and we should get organized.  If I know how many are going, I can order gourmet lunches from Christa's son Justin.  I think that would be a great idea!
I'll post a note to everyone in the guild via Jill.
This will be a great show with many, many inspiring pieces
with probably one or two of them quilted by Terry.    ;o)

Now to the "who made this"?
I'm sure I saw this at one of our show-and-tells.  I recognize the fabrics from the Fabric Centre.
Hopefully whoever made it, didn't make it for a best friend knowing that best friend would cherish it forever.
Why?  Because I am now the owner or it and I will cherish it forever! 
It's looking great on my kitchen table right now.
How did I come to possess it?  I found it at the local Sally Ann.

How much did I pay?

Isn't that crazy-ridiculous?
I love it, I love it, I love it; it will be used and cherished and admired
and I consider it priceless.

Hmm,  I'm going to frequent the Sally Ann even more after the Torquay show ... probably some of the full-size quilts from it will end up there and the workers will mark them $1 or $1.50.   LOL

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