Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jaynie's Class: Learning from a Creative Teacher

On Saturday some of us met at Q.E. to learn about creating cording
which can be used to create art pieces.
We laid out our supplies.
Jaynie got her teaching area ready and included some of her recent art pieces which use this technique.
Thankfully she included her first attempt at this technique so that we
weren't too intimidated.
We checked what the finished cording should look like.
 After seeing her demonstration, we were all sure we could do it.
Let's get going!
I was glad Vera brought these neat pieces which she did in a modified version of what we were doing in class.  I love the one in the forefront
as it looks like a hobbit could pop out from behind the fuschia tree.
I also love that Vera incorporated chocolate wrappers into the work; now I can justify eating chocolate as an artistic necessity!

So who was there?  Well, Jan was there swearing at her machine.
 Erin was there not realizing her teacher was checking up on her.
 Vera was there with her numerous supplies.
Colleen was there sporting her Florida tan.
 Shelley was there using some supplies left over from her teaching days.
Wendy was there with her seriously wonderful nubbly yarns.
And I was there channeling inspiration from the view outside.

 I skipped out in the afternoon because I wanted to hang out with a fellow who has a big place in my heart.  Nope, not Bob!  Nathan!
I hope Jaynie doesn't expel me from her next class just because I skipped.
I hope those of you taking the New York Beauties class get as much out
 of it as we did out of this one.
Thanks, Jaynie. 

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  1. It WAS a fun day wasn't it? I got to learn something from each of the participants as well. Now I have new ideas to try too. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed versions of those that have a bit more to do.

    With such a cute little guy waiting to see his Gram, I don't know how you could wait till noon to head out.