Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anna Hergert Class and Trunk Show

A much anticipated weekend for the guild arrived with Anna Hergert teaching a design class on Saturday and Sunday and with an open-to-the-public trunk show on Saturday night.

The class was attended by guild members Jan, Shelley, Dorothy, Elaine, Colleen S., Audrey, Sharilyn, Jaynie, Joanne, Bonnie, Michele, Vera, and Brenda. Other class members came from the Moose Jaw area, Torquay, Yorkton, and Manitou in Manitoba.

Here are some photos.  What does the first one have to do with the class?  Not a thing!  It's just too darn cute to not include... Happy Hallowe'en.
Notice all the happy faces in these photos.  Even adults love having crayons in their hands.
Participants gave each other suggestions...
and Anna gave consultations.
There aren't any photos here of what students created, but if you come to the November guild meeting, I bet you'll see some at show-and-tell.
Our members who were in charge of publicity for Anna's trunk show did a super job and, consequently, there was a large group out for the show.  There were quilters, other artists, and the general public there to learn about the creative process.
Anna's truck show was organized, informative, and, most of all, inspiring.  I'm finding upholstery for my red chair tomorrow!
If you are sorry you missed Anna's class this weekend, you can sign up for her class in Italy.  (I'm not kidding!)
Learn more about Anna and see more of her works at or visit her blog at
See more about our class on Christa Marcotte's blog at
Thanks, Anna!

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