Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quilt Show Advertising

Today I visited two stores with fabric right here in Manhattan. The first one, Purl Soho, I had just heard about online. It's a store which sells yarns plus some Liberty of London fabrics. It had the cutest window display for Easter. The fabric was really poor quality and most of it was $19 for a half yard! Don't go back and reread that; it really said what you thought it said: $19 for a half yard.

Thankfully the only real quilt store in Manhattan, The City Quilter, has much more reasonable prices and very friendly clerks. One of them held up our show poster so that we can say our quilt show has been advertised internationally. No, Shelley, they aren't planning to be one of our vendors, but at least they know about our show.
They have a small gallery in their shop and this month's featured quilter was Sue Benner. You can see three of her works below. Her biography stated that her work is influenced by her degree in bio-science. Wow!

Lastly, don't forget that I'm still taking your entry sheets for our show. Drop them at my place any time because a neighbor is emptying our mailbox daily so there is no danger of them being lost.
Now if you want to know more about what Bob and I are doing in NYC, you can check my other blog which is www.kingsinnycagain.blogspot.com

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