Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabric Centre Closing and the Guild Library

I'm sure most of you know this, but Rhonda is closing the Fabric Centre on February 24th. It's been open for 44 years, she's worked there for 23 years, and she has owned it for 10 years. Almost everything in the store is 30% off and some items and fabrics are 50% off so it's worth a look. Plus, if you are like me, you'll want to buy extra of any fabrics that you may run out of before your projects are finished.

Don't forget to browse through our guild library. There are lots of good books to borrow and you can do that by simply filling in the card and leaving it in the little recipe box. You can borrow any books for as long as you want.

We also have an interesting collection of dvds so check them out.

Here's one of our books; it's by Wayne Kollinger who is going to be the guest quilter at our show in April.

Yvonne mentioned that she recently read a novel that was about quilting. Our library contains some quilt-based fiction so Yvonne and the rest of you may want to check out those books.

I always look forward to the newest issue of "The Canadian Quilter." The guild subscribes and receives two copies of each issue so check that out too.

On a totally different topic, quite a few years ago, Heather Munro taught a number of us a class on stitching a New York Beauty bag. The pattern used is still one of my favorites and it is my go-to pattern whenever I need to make a gift or a silent auction item. I just finished this one which is going to a silent auction in Saskatoon. The pattern came from the Fabric Centre and I just bought some more copies of it to give as gifts to quilting friends (Lyn, in Australia, if you are reading this, you may wonder if one of the patterns will come your way. Yes, it will!) Quilt patterns and quilt books have really good clearance prices at Rhonda's.

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