Friday, August 1, 2014

Montana State Fair Quilts

The ladies who set up the quilting at the Montana State Fair felt that people don't look carefully at the quilts so they created an I-Spy contest where each day someone would win tickets to the grandstand that evening.  When I was looking, there were lots of women, children, and one man happily ticking off the items as they spotted them.


I believe this next one won Best of Show.

Here's the note which goes with the next two photos.  It must have been important for the woman to create this but the fabric was very fragile and in places it wasn't even clean.  I don't think the quilt will hold together for long.


I've seen this Harry Potter pattern before,  but still love it.

I couldn't get a photo of this whole cloth quilt to do it justice but here are a few close-ups of parts of it.  It is exquisite and it won for best hand quilting.

The middle part of this next quilt is done in metallic and there are crystals studded throughout the quilt.

Here's a different take on doing a crazy quilt.

This next one is done entirely from silk ties!  It's amazing.

I love the colored thread on the black on this bright quilt.

There weren't as many quilts with machine embroidery at this fair compared to the fairs we have been at in the past few years, but this one is cute.

This quilt won for best machine quilting.

Here's great use of Dr. Seuss fabrics.

This last picture is a bit of a quilt which won for best machine embroidery.

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