Friday, September 5, 2014

Let the 2014-15 Quilt Year Begin!

Renee raised a toast to the new quilting year.
Joanne happily took our money.
The program committee did a marvelous job of having samples and sign-up sheets for the various classes we can take this year.
There was a game to get us all reacquainted.
It's good to be back with our quilting friends.

It looks like our executive won't mind working with us this year.

Don't ask!
Vera and Gloria had a new challenge for us and by the mischievous look in their eyes, you can tell it's going to be a good one.
And then it was time for show and tell.


Just before I show you Jaynie's latest, let me show you that she was in Canadian Quilter with Anna as she was one of the two who nominated Anna for Teacher of the Year.
As well, Jaynie's work was at the National Juried Show and is the guide book.  The guild library has copies of the magazine and the booklet;  you can borrow both.

This peacock is magnificently hand embroidered.  Debbie would be happy for suggestions of how to incorporate it into a quilted piece.
Colleen showed clothing and other items which she indigo dyed.

Renee showed the back of this because she used the quilt-as-you-go technique.

Being too cheap to buy a Harris Tweed purse in Scotland, I created one from Harris Tweed jackets I bought a Value Village and Salvation Army.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Noooo! Billings Fair, I'm Angry with You!

I thought this holiday would give me one more epic quilt extravaganza. It did not.  Here was the barrier awaiting me at the Billings' Fair quilt area.

We're leaving Billings right after the morning farmers' market so I won't get back to the fair.
Therefore, the next quilts you'll be seeing here will be from the guild's September show-and-tell.  It's almost time to start the new quilt year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Missoula County Fair Quilts

We can't resist fairs and this is a huge one for a county. 

I can't believe I got a blurry photo of the next one and it was my favorite.  It's monstrous, for a king size bed.

This next one won Best of Show.

I don't think this next quilt can ever be washed.

I love that this cat quilt has one mouse on it.

This next one has a beautiful center ....
Then it's as if the quilter got tired of it so she just added an 18" plain border.

This table topper is 34" across.  The number of pieces in it is amazing.

Eureka and this fair both used clothespins like the one below rather than worrying about gloves.
The next four are 4-H entries, each created by someone 17 or under.
A 17 year old made this double wedding ring queen size quilt??????

Here's something non-quilty ... tatting, beautiful, beautiful tatting.

I've always wanted to learn tatting.  When Bob and I were first married, his grandma tried to teach me.  After numerous attempts she finally said, "Brenda, either I'm not a good teacher or you're not a good learner."