Monday, August 4, 2014

Eureka, MT Outdoor Quilt Showxt

This little Montana town was having its tenth annual outdoor quilt show and they have never been rained out once.  I cannot imagine the number or people it takes to set this up and take it down ... and to be nearby in case a rainstorm develops.
Even the program amazed me as it showed the location of every quilt as well as who made it and what its selling for.  There were over 500 quilts so making the programs would take a very focused committee.  I couldn't believe how many of the quilts were for sale.  I also couldn't believe how many entries some ladies had ... one had over 50 and more than a few had over 30.

No, I didn't shake the camera when I took the next one.  It's made like that!

Jill, does this look familiar?  You haven't been teaching a carpenter's wheel class down here, have you?

Bob gave the following one "best of show."  Judy Niemeyer lives in the area and her patterns and her quilts are sold in quantities.
My favorite area was one of the old buildings which held miniature quilts.  One of the three guilds sponsoring the show, is a guild just for miniature quilts.
This one's dimensions are 14" by 14"

This Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam is also 14" by 14"
Someone must have taught a class on the next one or else it was a challenge, as there were a number of hangings like this.
This Double Wedding Ring is 23" by 27"
This one is 12" by 12"
The next quilt was selling for $100.  What a crazy price for a machine-quilted, generously-sized lap quilt.

The lady who made the next two had four quilts for sale, each for around $900.  They were created from her own designs and were beautiful.

She had worked brands into the one pictured above.
The following one mesmerized me and I would give it "best of show."  It depicts trees through the seasons and it's the most beautifully embellished quilt I've ever scene.  I kept wondering how much it weighed!  There is lots of machine embroidery, hand embroidery, beading, lace, and other embellishments.  With all those add-ons, it still was very flat with no distortions.  I'm in awe of the creator.



  1. That tree quilt is amazing. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Wow!! That was an incredible quilt show in eureka!! Great pictures!!

  3. The tree quilt is an eye spy quilt for big girls. It's beautiful.