Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Missoula County Fair Quilts

We can't resist fairs and this is a huge one for a county. 

I can't believe I got a blurry photo of the next one and it was my favorite.  It's monstrous, for a king size bed.

This next one won Best of Show.

I don't think this next quilt can ever be washed.

I love that this cat quilt has one mouse on it.

This next one has a beautiful center ....
Then it's as if the quilter got tired of it so she just added an 18" plain border.

This table topper is 34" across.  The number of pieces in it is amazing.

Eureka and this fair both used clothespins like the one below rather than worrying about gloves.
The next four are 4-H entries, each created by someone 17 or under.
A 17 year old made this double wedding ring queen size quilt??????

Here's something non-quilty ... tatting, beautiful, beautiful tatting.

I've always wanted to learn tatting.  When Bob and I were first married, his grandma tried to teach me.  After numerous attempts she finally said, "Brenda, either I'm not a good teacher or you're not a good learner."


  1. That looked like a fabulous quilt show. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tracey, we're at one more fair today before we head home so you can watch for even more quilts.