Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quilts at the Wisconsin State Fair

Our adventures for the day are over at, but here are some of the quilts at the Wisconsin State Fair.
As you look at these, please keep in mind that some of the quilts are hung with the bottoms of them at least 10 feet off the floor and others are behind glass buried under other crafts.  In the first one, you can see how high they are hung and in the second one you can see how the quilted pieces are buried under other pieces in the display cases.

The next five are small pieces and the last two are entirely machine embroidered and machine quilted.

Here's my favorite quilt ... Hogwarts stuff beautifully executed:

These placemats are really cool.

Sorry this is sideways and isn't cooperating when I try to turn it.  At least the detail is the right way up.  It had loads of crystals on it which was so appropriate for Hollywood glam.

Here's the front of this one...

... and here's the back.

This was the winner in the junior competition; it didn't state how old the stitcher was.



I hope you enjoyed looking.  I wish we knew where to get a lot of these patterns.

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