Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crocus Quilter Guild Christmas Party

 Donna Wolfe Collection Money for Supper
 Tannis Mashall Visit
 Bonnie, Gloria and Elaine
 Leanne and others looking at the different placemats
 Colleen unwrapping the desserts
 Brenda waving
 Waiting to play a game

Vera showing off a quilt another oops
 Marg showing off her quilt another oops
 Marg showing off her quilt oops
 Leann waiting
 Cathedral Window quilts
 Cathedral Window
 Ester made her Cathedral Window into a pillow
 Vera showing another quilt
 All the different placemats
 More placemats
 And more
 Some More placemats
The End of the Christmas Party


  1. Love the fact that you all finished your blocks!!! LOVE your red shoes Brenda!!!