Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crocus Guild Left/Right Game for 2011

Here is the second part of the blog from our Christmas party. Lots of members participated in the Christmas stocking gift exchange. The "lefts" and "rights" were fast and furious. Below are photos of some of the charming stockings.

Some of the ladies said I should post our left/right game here so that's what I'm going to do. If I did it right, every one of our members was included in the story.


Almost RIGHT on time Santa's elves were preparing for Christmas. Good elves Marlene, Elaine, and Jan had done their job RIGHT so that RIGHT now the quilting treasures they had made were carefully stacked to the RIGHT and LEFT of Santa's sleigh. However, the lazy elves Bonnie, Vi, and Helen had LEFT their quilting gifts unfinished and the pieces were strewn to the LEFT and RIGHT of the main workbench.

Santa should have fired them RIGHT then and there, but there was too much work LEFT to do before December 24th. Therefore, he hired some new elves - two Colleens, Dot, Renee, and Karen who left their jobs as Walmart greeters work alongside the lazy elves.

Santa was panicking because there was so much to do. He looked at his "naughty and nice" list. He put check marks to the RIGHT side of all the quilters who had been nice in 2011. That list included Marion, the two Shelleys, Adeline, and Jaynie. Then he put an X to the RIGHT of all the naughty quilters. Wow, was that list long! Those Xes went to the RIGHT of Verla, Eileen, Tammy, Debbie, Michele, Joanne, Lynne, Eva, Jill, Judy, Dorothy, and all the Donnas. Santa looked at the others left on the list: both Barbs, Rose, Yvonne, Leona, and Lydia. They had all been both naughty and nice. Should he put a check mark to the RIGHT of those names or an X to the RIGHT of those names?

He asked his good wife Gloria ... who, incidentally, divorced her first husband Vern so she could marry Santa ... he asked her which was the RIGHT mark to put beside those names.

She replied, "it should be LEFT to you, dear, since you are wiser than I am."

"Huh," thought Santa. "Have I heard RIGHT? Gloria actually admitted the truth, that I am smarter than she is." With hesitation he added a check mark to the RIGHT of the names of those who were both naughty and nice.

Eventually all the work got done and Gloria packed Santa a bag of LEFTovers to eat on his trip around the world.

On December 24th he harnessed his reindeer to the sleigh. Oh, you might be interested to know that he retired his old, old reindeer and replaced them with spritely, nimble, young reindeer. He harnessed four of his new reindeer Joyce, Darlene, Vera, and Kathy to the RIGHT and he harnessed his other new reindeer Marg, Tannis, Elma, and Sharilynn to the LEFT. Then he harnessed his newest, his best, his brightest reindeer of them all - Brenda - to the front. He LEFT the North Pole to deliver fat quarters, sewing machines, stitch rippers, and more to the quilters of the world.

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